Tumblr Tuesday: Street Photography Edition

Everybody Street
The new documentary showcasing what the filmmakers call “the only tool that will stop time itself.” Spoiler alert: it is a camera.

Carmen Alt-Chapman
Gritty, urban street photography. Largely black and white, with the occasional pop of color by way of graffiti.

Trenord Crushes
Proving you don’t need an expensive DSLR to show off your photography skills. You don’t even need the most recent iPhone. All photos of these train passengers are taken with an iPhone 4S. 

Photos from Daniel
Learn what’s up down under. Daniel catalog(ue)s the streets, buildings, and people in Australia. Happy Christmas, mate.

Using one medium to showcase another, Listaks documents graffiti-in-progress in and around The City of Angels. 

Photo by Photos from Daniel

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